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I'm Liz Barrett Foster, the editor at Eat Like a Writer.


I've been writing since my high school days in California's San Fernando Valley. I'm originally from Michigan, and spent my teenage years and 20's in Los Angeles, before moving south.


My professional career began in the beauty industry, when I began writing marketing copy for OPI (the nail polish gurus). I then transitioned into working as an editor at a collection of beauty magazines (Nailpro, Dayspa, and Beauty Store Business).

Now, I'm settled in Mississippi, writing for a variety of publications, traveling, gardening and cooking with my husband (a real-life southern gentleman). 

After moving south, I made the switch to writing about food. I've written more than 1,000 articles and two books, while focusing heavily on restaurant operations, food trends and marketing. 

For 11 years, I was an editor with the nation's No. 1 pizza magazine (PMQ), where I became an expert in all things pizza.

Past and present publications include, but are not limited to, National Culinary Review, Restaurant Startup & Growth, Mashed.com, Stacker.com, FSR, QSR, Restaurant Hospitality, PMQ Pizza Magazine, Sapore, Costco Connection and EatingWell.

When creating Eat Like a Writer, I combined three of the things I'm most interested in--writing, food, and researching what others do for a living.


I hope you enjoy the site; drop me a note if you ever have any questions.


About Eat Like a Writer

The mission of Eat Like a Writer is to inspire new and seasoned writers through the stories of their peers.


Writers are naturally curious and enjoy asking questions and researching topics.


If a writer also enjoys food, eating "like a writer" can mean that they try a lot of new and different things. They may travel in search of new cuisines, grow a backyard garden, shop at local farmer's markets, or fish for fresh seafood. 

Eat Like a Writer interviews writers, cookbook authors and food bloggers about how they got started in their careers, their challenges and wins, and the types of food that they enjoy along the way.


Included within and alongside the interviews are recipes, writing tips, and a monthly product spotlight.

Liz Barrett Foster

Editor, Eat Like a Writer


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