Meet writer Evelyn Sacks

Evelyn Sacks says she was always the one in the family who wrote the goofy birthday poems and helped her older siblings with their writing homework when she was growing up.

Now, her company, Evelyn Sacks Communications, provides businesses with copy for websites and blog posts, digital marketing campaigns, newsletters, ghostwritten articles and books, executive presentations, advertising copy and collateral materials.

"I make my way as a business-to-business copywriter with the emphasis on voice and storytelling," says Evelyn. "I've written several works of nonfiction and, some day, will return to poetry."

Evelyn says she tries to find a way to include food in anything she's writing. "Food is a great interview ice-breaker question and discussing food seems to put most people at ease," she says. "For my mom’s 90th birthday, I wrote a short book about her life in food. She's an award-winning baker and great cook, and my sister is a well-known caterer in Atlanta. Food has always been part of our world."

Evelyn is the ghostwriter of four works of non-fiction, including a New York Times bestselling book on working at home, and co-author of Eat, Nap, Play (HCI Books).

One of Evelyn's passions is volunteering for Second Helpings Atlanta, the area's largest nonprofit food rescue organization. "I’m on the board and a volunteer driver," she says.

Do you believe that being a writer helps you enjoy or appreciate food more?

I’m not sure that being a writer helps me enjoy or appreciate food more. But I love to combine the two, for example one of my favorite moments is putting up some bread (often challah) dough, returning to my desk to write while it rises, and, at the end of the day, having two products I love and am proud of.

Do you have any favorite food books/cookbooks?

I (like so many others) have read nearly everything I can find about Julia Child. I love the food memoir genre, especially books like I Loved, I Lost, I Made Spaghetti by Giulia Melucci. I do love my 1970s vintage Betty Crocker cookbook (with a tattered red fabric cover) and Mollie Katzen’s original Moosewood Cookbook.

Do you have any favorite food TV shows or food travel destinations?

I love the Food Network, of course, and have spent hundreds of hours exercising to great shows and hosts over the years. Israel and Italy are favorite travel destinations and I adore the food in both countries.

Where do you turn for great food or food inspiration?

My mom. She knows everything.

What do you snack on during deadlines?

Nothing particular at deadline time, but I have recently discovered Trader Joe’s brand of not-exactly Pringles. Nothing natural about it. Fun to eat, as I typically eat every healthfully with not a lot of junk.

Anything you’d like to add about being a writer who loves food?

Writing and food pair beautifully!