Meet Children's Author Sharna Carter

Updated: Apr 15

Writer Name: Sharna Carter

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Years of Experience: 5


Book: Watermelon Pip

Favorite food: Fajitas

Writing tip for fellow writers: Connect with other writers! I have online and ‘real life’ writing friends and we regularly critique each other’s work or simply check-in and motivate each other.

woman holding a book
Sharna Carter is a children's author living in Melbourne, Australia.

Sharna Carter is a Melbourne, Australia-based children’s author and mother, with a background in performing arts and teaching.

Sharna has a number of short stories that have been published in anthologies. Watermelon Pip is her first children's picture book.

Sharna conducts author visits and is passionate about early literacy. Her stories encourage laughter, reflection and self-belief.

How did you get started in writing?

I started writing for children shortly after my son was born. I read to him every day and fell in love with picture books. When I started having my own ideas, I was keen to learn more, so I enrolled in a few writing courses, connected with other writers and here I am!

What was the inspiration behind your book Watermelon Pip?

One day, we were at the park with a group of children and I had packed a container of watermelon for everyone to share.

It was one of the glorious hot days, and watermelon proved to be a big hit because they gobbled the lot!

What caught my attention though was the response from my children, which was, "We can just get more at the shops, right?" You see, I’ve noticed there’s a general attitude that "the shops" have whatever we need, when we need it.

This moment in the park sparked the idea for the story, and I happen to have a sassy but sweet niece called Pip who was the inspiration for my lead charac