Meet Baking Blogger Daniel Hernandez

Updated: Apr 15

Name: Daniel Hernandez

Location: Dallas, Texas

Years of Experience: Baking with sourdough for 4 years; blogging for 1.5 years

Available for writing projects: Yes

Niche/Beat/Genre: Sourdough Baking from scratch

Website: A Knead to Bake

Favorite food: Mexican & Italian

Writing tip for fellow writers: Always be yourself and let your creativity show others who you really are.

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Daniel Hernandez runs the bilingual blog and YouTube channel A Knead to Bake.

Born and raised in Mexico, Daniel Hernandez grew up with a deep respect for cooking meals from scratch using natural ingredients.

In 2013, a new job led Daniel and his German wife to Texas, where their family expanded with the addition of three children. Daniel says they are now a multicultural family that loves food and tries to incorporate their Mexican, German and Texan cultures and life experiences into their cooking and baking.

In late 2019, Daniel started his YouTube Channel and blog called A Knead to Bake, which he says has been a very rewarding experience that allows him to share his recipes with the world.

What inspired you to start your baking blog?

I want to share my recipes with the world and leave a legacy to my family. I started the A Knead to Bake YouTube channel and blog as the first step in my writing journey. My dream is to publish my own book of recipes and discoveries about sourdough baking in the near future.

Tell us about what you discuss on your site and in your videos.

I share a weekly recipe of how to bake with sourdough starter, which is a natural yeast. My recipes are always from scratch, and mainly focused on using natural ingredients. The recipes cover different kinds of breads from all over the world.

I think it's interesting that your posts and videos are in English and Spanish. Do you have an evenly split audience, or why did you decide to do that?

I don’t have an even split audience yet, but my Spanish audience has been growing. Right now, about 20% of my weekly viewers and readers are from a Spanish-speaking country.

I decided to do everything bilingual in my videos, blog and social media posts because it's just part of who I am. My mother language is Spanish.

The main language on my YouTube channel and my blog is English, and I have a big reach across many countries because of that, but I work hard to always have my Spanish-speaking audience engaged, too. It's because of this that all of my blog posts are bilingual and my YouTube videos have Spanish closed captions available.

I think offering a bilingual blog helps you feel more connected to the culture and cuisine. Plus, if Spanish isn't your native language, it can actually help you learn another language through food.

Now that you mention it, I recall some of my followers commenting about how my recipes help them to practice their Spanish.

What’s your advice for new recipe creators and/or vloggers?

Work hard and try to do your best work everyday, eventually people will start to notice your work and they will start to follow and share your passion.

What has been your biggest struggle?

Managing technical aspects of this profession, since there are very high standards for food bloggers/vloggers.

I do the entirety of the process myself in order to create a recipe and share it with the world. This includes video, photography, managing a website, etc.

I am not an expert on the technical aspects, and sometimes, I wish I had more time to focus on those details since this is not my main line of work.

How is your relationship with food affected by you being a blogger/vlogger?

It has been affected very positively. I have always been very involved with the ingredients I cook/bake, but since I started this journey, I have been more informed about the ingredients and processes that I use due to the high amount of research that I've been doing.

Do you have any favorite cookbooks that you recommend?

“The Bread Baker's Apprentice” by Peter Reinhart revolutionized the way I bake. It helped me to learn how to “bake by feel,” like Reinhart taught it to all his students. This book lead me to start creating my own recipes.

Any favorite kitchen products?

My dough whisk is my favorite tool in the kitchen. If you have ever dealt with sourdough baking, you need to get one; it's a game changer.

Favorite food celebrities or food-related TV shows?

I have always admired the simplicity of Jamie Oliver in the kitchen, and I love to watch MasterChef and Chef’s Table.

What’s your favorite thing to cook?

I love to cook anything, but my favorite thing to bake is sourdough artisan bread. The excitement that comes from watching the bread rise in the oven doesn’t compare to anything; it never gets old. Every time you start a new bread, it's like you're writing a new story.

Anything you’d like to add?

Food has always been very important to me. It’s a way to express to others how much I love them, and a way to bring people together at my table.

Do you have a recipe you’d like to share with Eat Like a Writer readers?

Yes; my sourdough conchas recipe. This recipe is very dear to me, because it's the iconic sweet bread I grew up eating in Mexico. Enjoy!

Note: For the written ingredients and instructions, click here.

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