Meet writer Justin Schmid

Justin Schmid describes himself as one of the weirdest Arizonans ever, explaining that he's an ex-hockey player who thinks tacos are overrated and who seeks out delicacies that would make most people gag.

He currently works as a marketing content writer and uses his personal blog to tell stories and keep his WordPress/HTML skills sharp. Previously, he's worked in journalism, PR and content marketing. "I'm almost as nerdy about SEO as I am about AP style," he says. "My favorite resource is Garner’s Modern American Usage, along with some guy named Mike."

Justin believes you should try every food you can. "Eating is a gateway to the funniest and most-enlightening stories," he says.

Do you consider the food when you travel?

When I travel, I’m after two things: I want to find some sort of unusual beer-ish beverage, and I want to find some sort of food that would make most people gag.

One of my favorite fermented finds was sahti, a drink in Finland that’s the sort of thing your reclusive uncle would brew in his backyard. It’s strong, dark and flat with a taste like the forest smells.

As for the gag-worthy foods, I’ve tried a long list from hákarl (fermented shark meat) to boiled silkworm larvae served piping hot from a roadside stand in Seoul. Some of my other favorite items have been camel, bear, possum and haggis.

I also went hours out of my way in Australia because I heard of some tiny farm that grew the black sapote (aka the chocolate pudding fruit).

Some of my food goals are balut and lutefisk. I have few limits to what I’ll try.