Meet writer Dana Robinson

Dana Robinson
photo provided by Dana Robinson

Dana Robinson has worked as a staff writer and freelance writer for 20 years. She’s covered everything from health and beauty to fashion, food, culture, business, and even cars. Her byline has appeared in Reader's Digest,,, Wine Enthusiast, AARP, and Southwest: The Magazine.

Dana says she wrote an article about food deserts several years ago. It opened her eyes to the lack of access that so many Americans have to healthy, fresh food--especially people of color. It prompted her to organize a nutrition class at a local homeless shelter and reexamine her own eating habits.

A new mother to a three-month-old daughter, Dana is determined to help her develop good eating habits. She says that she wants to make sure that her daughter knows where food comes from: the farm ... not the grocery store shelves.

Do you have any favorite kitchen products? Where would I be without my trusty chef's knife? It was part of a knife block set that I received as a wedding gift several years ago, and it completely upped my cooking game! 

potato soup
potato soup photo provided by Dana Robinson

Do you have any favorite food travel destinations? My favorite food travel destination is New Orleans. My mother is from the Crescent City and when I was younger my family traveled there most summers to visit my grandparents. I was exposed to bread pudding, beignets, lost bread (French toast), and jambalaya at an early age; and my culinary goal in life is to create a pot of gumbo that's at least half as good as my mother's. 

Where do you turn for great food or food inspiration?

My mother. She can create spectacular dishes from whatever she happens to have on hand in the kitchen. And she never measures anything. After decades of cooking for her family she can usually tell if a dish will come out right just by looking at it. She claims that onions and bell peppers can make just about anything taste good. 

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