Meet writer Marina Caccialanza

Marina Caccialanza is an editor and journalist based in Milan, Italy. She believes that local food is very important in the life of a community, to its economy and in its development.

Being a writer helps Marina (@caccialanzamarina on IG) understand the meaning of food customs, because she says that she goes deep into the subject, analyzing and studying. She enjoys the opportunity to open her mind to different cultures through food.

She has broad experience in B2B publishing, with a focus on gastronomy, pastry, baking, butchery, ice cream making, and the food industry. She's the editor of magazines and cookbooks in Italy, and a writer for Dictionnaire Universel du Pain issued by Laffont, and a content consultant on Modernist Bread.

Do you believe that being a writer helps you appreciate food more?

Being a writer helps me better understand the meaning of customs and how to work with food, because you have to go deep in the subject, you have to analyze and study. That’s what I like most--the opportunity to open my mind to different cultures.

Do you search out local food?

I think that local food is very important in the life of a community, in its economy and development. However, I also believe that any country and people have excellent food to be preserved, known and eaten. Different flavors and customs can enrich food culture and people.

Are you budget-minded when creating meals?

I don't think it's good to waste food or money, and it is right to preserve our land and planet. I try to choose ethical food, and I know how to cook without wasting anything.

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