Meet writer Natasha Chilingerian

Natasha Chilingerian has been a professional writer for over 14 years, while living in Oregon, California, Louisiana and South Carolina.

In the first half of her career, she focused on news and lifestyle journalism, serving in full-time and freelance roles at regional online and print publications.

In addition to covering local news, she wrote about health/fitness, food/drink/restaurants, relationships, the arts and travel. In the second half of her career, she pivoted to business journalism and corporate communications/marketing.

For the past five years, Natasha has been an editor for Credit Union Times, a national trade publication for credit union executives, but still picks up fun writing assignments from time to time. Recently, she’s been writing about travel, food and drink for the lifestyle website Let’s Eat Cake.

Do you think that being a writer helps you enjoy or appreciate food more?

Yes. Through interviewing different chefs, I gained an understanding of the level of time, work, resources and passion that goes into each dish they create. That’s given me a greater appreciation of what I’m about to enjoy every time I sit down at a restaurant.

Also, cooking is a very creative and relaxing process. Writing and meeting deadlines can be stressful, so cooking a meal at the end of the work day is a great way to decompress while boosting my creativity, which helps give me the mental fuel I need to continue producing good work as a writer.

Do you travel with food in mind?

lobster roll
Lobster roll in Portland, Maine (photo courtesy Natasha).

Yes! Before Covid, I spent two years as a digital nomad, splitting my time between my parents’ house in Oregon, my boyfriend’s place in Los Angeles, and several other cities around the U.S., where I rented Airbnbs and experienced the city solo or with friends/family who lived in the area (all while continuing to serve in my full-time remote job with CU Times).