Meet Writing Student Jenna Kirsch

Updated: May 23

Name: Jenna Kirsch

Location: Montville, New Jersey

School and Major: Indiana University; Cinematic Arts


Favorite food: Boiled lobster dunked in garlic butter

Tip for aspiring journalism/writing students: Experiment with all different writing forms--news, long-form, arts reviews, opinion, etc. You may think you already know which one is your favorite or which you do best, but you'd be surprised.

girl wearing black turtleneck and smiling
Jenna Kirsch is pursuing a writing career at Indiana University.

Writers often don't realize how many young people they inspire to pursue writing careers.

Jenna Kirsch comes from a family of writers who have supported her goals to become a writer herself.

We were curious about what this Indiana University Cinematic Arts student is learning, and what her plans are after graduation.

What inspired you to pursue writing and journalism?

I have always loved writing and using my creative mind. When I was in high school, writing was my favorite subject--and I was told I was good at it!

I come from a family of writers. My mother and my grandmother were both English teachers. My aunt (Gail Leicht) is a freelance writer and author of Skinny Guide travel books. My cousin is a New York Times best-selling author and TV personality.

I admire how one of the wonderful perks of a writing career is that you can balance it with other professional roles. I am lucky to have a family that supports my passion.

What types of writing projects have you been working on while attending Indiana University?

Through majoring in Cinematic Arts at Indiana University, I've had the opportunity to write a short film through my scriptwriting class.