Meet Podcaster and Publicist Shari Bayer

Updated: Jun 21

Writer Name: Shari Bayer Location: New York City Years of Experience: 25+ Available for writing projects: Yes

Niche/Beat/Genre: food, restaurants, hospitality, travel, solo dining, solo travel, sobriety, entrepreneurship Portfolio website: Other websites/blogs:; Favorite food: Stone crabs with mustard sauce Writing tip for fellow writers: Take a break from writing before editing your work.

Shari Bayer has always loved connecting with industry insiders and providing a platform for passionate professionals to share their insights and expertise.

Shari has more than 25 years of industry experience. From working the floor at Charlie Trotter’s restaurant in Chicago, to founding the NYC hospitality-focused PR agency, Bayer Public Relations, in 2003, and establishing her weekly podcast, All in the Industry on Heritage Radio Network in 2014.

Shari Bayer has called New York City home for the past 22 years (photo credit: Evan Sung).

Shari recently took her passion for hospitality and culinary industry to a new level with All in the Industry®, a new media and production company, launching H.O.S.T. Summit + Social, a new all-day, inspirational, interactive and educational conference for, and about, the dynamic hospitality industry. The inaugural event took place on January 27, 2020 at The William Vale in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York City.

Shari is a former president of the New York Women’s Culinary Alliance, and a member of Les Dames d’Escoffier NY, Heritage Radio Network, and the James Beard Foundation. A Miami native, Shari earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of Michigan, and a Culinary Certificate from the Cooking Academy of Chicago. She has been recognized in Total Food Service’s Top Women in Metro NY Foodservice & Hospitality, and Heritage Radio Network’s Hall of Fame.

Shari is also a contributing writer for Fathom, Tasting Table, and Thrillist, and a fearless solo diner and traveler.

Tell us a little about your writing background.

As a publicist, I have always done a lot of writing, between press releases, client bios, and pitching, plus, maintaining my own websites and blogs. I started freelance writing in 2009, when I was inspired to write a piece for Food & Beverage Magazine titled “Are We Done Mocking Mocktails.”

I began writing more regularly about eight years ago for Fathom, sharing my solo dining and travel experiences. Since then, I've been a contributing writer for Tasting Table, Thrillist, and OpenTable’s Open for Business, and my stories have appeared on Forbes and The Huffington Post. I also “tip off” my All in the Industry podcasts with PR tips that I write for each episode, and I have done 270 episodes to date.

Do you travel for food and restaurants?

This is basically my M.O. My work and social life have combined into one, all focusing on the culinary/hospitality industry. I mostly represent chefs/restaurants and have frequently traveled to food/wine festivals and conferences with my clients. I have also done many “On the Road” interviews for my podcast with interviews from culinary events and destinations, and solo dining experiences on every episode.

I simply love restaurants. They are my happy place. I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to travel around the world seeking the best dining experiences, and combining my self-interest with my career.

Do you believe that being a writer helps you enjoy or appreciate food more?

I actually think the opposite…that my appreciation of food makes me want to be a writer to share my experiences, tell stories, and hopefully inspire others.

Do you have any favorite food books/cookbooks?

I have quite a large cookbook collection, especially for someone who dines out way more than I cook! Some of my favorite books are by my All in the Industry guests, including Sababa by Adeena Sussman; Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner,…Life by Missy Robbins; Joe Knows Fish by Joe Gurrera; Israeli Soul by Michael Solomonov and Steven Cook; Lemongrass and Lime by Leah Cohen; and Carla Hall’s Soul Food by Carla Hall.

Any favorite kitchen products/tools you adore?

I still love my Zwilling J.A. Henckels 10” chef knife that I purchased back in 1996 when I attended culinary school in Chicago. It was a splurge for me, but so worth it! One of my instructors carved my initials on my knife, so it also has sentimental value for me.

Favorite food writers, chefs, or food-related TV shows/movies?

Too many amazing food writers and chefs to name! For TV, I appreciate Top Chef and its longevity, and Ratatouille is a great one.

Favorite restaurants or food travel destinations?

I have been very fortunate to dine at many of the world’s best restaurants, from fine dining tasting menus to hidden neighborhood gems, so it’s hard for me to name favorites, but some memorable experiences are Maido, Lima; Saison, San Francisco; Tickets, Barcelona; Nightshade, Los Angeles; Chamico’s, Tulum; Lucali, Brooklyn; Osteria Francescana, Modena; Noma, Copenhagen; SingleThread Farm, Healdsburg; and Mirazur, Menton.

Some of my favorite food destinations are San Sebastian, Tokyo, Melbourne, New Orleans, Oslo, Copenhagen, Paris, Lima, and NYC, my home for the past 22 years.

Norwegian raspberries at Setralen in Oslo, Norway (photo credit: Shari Bayer).

Where do you turn for great food or food inspiration?

I get inspired from articles and Instagram posts from my industry friends/colleagues/chefs. I enjoy reading and seeing where everyone is dining, and what they’re cooking at home.

What do you snack on when on deadline?

I often snack on mixed nuts with dark chocolate bits, and coffee. Lots of coffee!

Anything else you'd like to add about being a writer who loves food, or being a writer in general?

I am proud to be a food writer, or really, a restaurant writer. It’s one of the many hats that I wear, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to share my stories and hopefully inspire others. I look forward to continuing to write about dining and travel, and support restaurants and our industry.

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