The Secret to Making More than $50,000 as a Freelance Writer

Struggling to reach that elusive $50,000 annual income in your freelance writing career?

Don’t give up!

Many freelance writers feel frustrated and stuck when it comes to making a livable income from their writing.

“You have to know you're worth something," says Scott Summers, copywriter and SEO strategist. "If you do race-to-the-bottom pricing using a platform like Upwork or, you're going to be working for $5 an hour doing stuff that no one wants to do.”

“What you're doing is worth it, and you need to understand why it's worth it to the client,” says Summers. “If they're paying you $20 for something that's going to convert $8,000 worth of sales, they're getting a pretty good deal.”

To help you on your path to higher profitability, here are actionable steps you can take today from writers who have crossed over the $50,000 and six-figure marks:

Finding Clients and Gigs

It comes down to salesmanship, according to Brian Justice, freelance writer and editor. “You have to sell, have a structured business development process, and stick to it every single day,” he says.

Ensuring you’re marketing consistently, nurturing clients, and knowing who you’re marketing to, are critical steps toward finding the right clients and gigs, say top-earning freelancers. But, each writer has their own methods for finding work and reaching their goals.

LinkedIn + Agencies = Steady Stream of Income and Clients

For Linsey Knerl, freelance writer and author, scrolling through LinkedIn each day uncovers a goldmine of potential clients and information.