Meet Vegetarian Food Blogger Liz Thomson

Updated: Apr 15

Writer Name: Elizabeth Thomson

Location: Richmond, Virginia

Years of Experience: 10

Available for writing projects: Yes

Niche/Beat/Genre: Healthy vegetarian recipes

Website: I Heart Vegetables

Book: The Truly Healthy Vegetarian Cookbook

Favorite food: Tacos!

Writing tip for fellow writers: Try to read a wide range of food writing from magazines and food blogs to cookbooks and memoirs. The diversity of writing styles can be great inspiration.

woman sitting in front of window with a cup of coffee.
Liz Thomson is a cookbook author and the blogger who runs I Heart Vegetables.

Liz Thomson is a food blogger and cookbook author who specializes in healthy, vegetarian recipes.

She’s been creating healthy recipes at I Heart Vegetables for the past decade, and her cookbook, The Truly Healthy Vegetarian Cookbook, was released in 2018.

Her recipes have been featured in Virginia Living, Shape, and Reader's Digest.

How did you start your writing career?

I started my food blog in 2010, when I decided to try a vegan diet for six months. I thought it would be an interesting way to keep track of the recipes I enjoyed and the foods I discovered. After six months, I decided a vegan diet wasn’t for me, but I fell in love with blogging!

What area of writing do you currently specialize in?

I focus on recipe development, specifically for healthy vegetarian recipes.

Tell us about your book.

My cookbook, The Truly Healthy Vegetarian Cookbook, was released in 2018. After so many years of blogging, it’s been fun to see a physical book on store shelves. It’s also been a really fun way to connect with readers in a new way.

Tell us about I Heart Vegetables.

I Heart Vegetables is all about easy, healthy recipes. My goal is to show readers that eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. My meatless meals are family friendly and perfect for the “flexitarian” who wants to add more vegetables to their plate.

lentil soup in bowl surrounded by lentils and potatoes.
I Heart Vegetables features easy, healthy, vegetarian recipes like this Mediterranean lentil soup.

What’s your advice for struggling new writers or bloggers?

The hardest part is getting started. Don’t be afraid to put your work out there! When I look back on my early blog posts compared to my blog posts today, it makes me laugh (and sometimes cringe), but the only way you’ll get better is with lots of practice!

What's been your biggest professional struggle over the years?

I started my blog as a hobby and it didn’t become my full-time job until 2019. It was hard to juggle a day job and my passion project, but the long nights and early mornings were totally worth it.

How is your relationship with food affected by you being a writer, or vice versa?

I have a much deeper appreciation for food. Although my recipes are very simple and approachable, I love discovering new ingredients and flavors. In a lot of ways, my world revolves around food!

Do you have any favorite books that you recommend?

The Recipe Writer's Handbook by Barbara Gibbs Ostmann and Jane Baker is great for anyone who is developing recipes. There are so many useful tips for how to write a successful, easy to follow recipe.

Any favorite kitchen products?

I wouldn’t be able to survive without my Vitamix! I’ve had it for nearly 10 years and I still use it frequently.

What do you snack on when you’re on deadline?

Anything crunchy. I love granola, roasted almonds, cucumbers and hummus, or any type of cracker.

Do you have a favorite recipe you’d like to share with us?

This Mexican Street Corn Salad has been a reader favorite for years and I still make it on a regular basis! It's great with tacos, fajitas, or even just as a chip dip!

Anything else you’d like to add about being a writer who loves food?

It’s truly such a fun career. I feel lucky that I’m so passionate about my job!