Meet Food Vlogger and Lawyer Sam E. Goldberg

Updated: Apr 15

Name: Sam E. Goldberg

Location: New York City

Years of Experience: 1 year

Available for writing projects: yes

Niche/Beat/Genre: Comedy


Other websites/blogs:,,

Favorite food: Hamburger with White Rice

Writing tip: Wear all hats (know how to produce, edit, write, and host)

Sam E. Goldberg is the creator and host of NYC-based Respect The Chain, a comedic food show that navigates the popular world of chain restaurants. You may not be able to tell from watching Sam's humorous videos, but he's a practicing attorney in New York City. He graduated eight years ago and focuses on real estate and entertainment law.

vlogger at a restaurant
Sam E. Goldberg is the host of Respect The Chain, a comedic food show that chronicles chain restaurants.

How did you come up with the idea for Respect The Chain?

Chain restaurants have so many fun and unique experiences to offer that are not being featured. Chains have become part of our culture, and I felt it was time to shed light on them.

The idea for Respect The Chain hit me when I traveled to Asia a few years ago and saw all of the fun menu items that chains had to offer abroad.

For example, in Japan, everyone celebrates Christmas buy eating the KFC Christmas package.

There are also unique menu items at certain chains in America.

People don’t usually know that the Honolulu Cheesecake Factory offers a loco moco, which is a local favorite in Hawaii.

In Las Vegas, Taco Bell offers the ultimate experience by allowing couples to get married in their Taco Bell wedding chapel.

Tell us more about the show’s history and your goals with it.

During the pandemic, chain restaurants were offering some amazing deals.

We felt it was the perfect opportunity to highlight some of the great deals that people could get at home while quarantining, so we started filming.

Our first episode featured the Morton’s special pandemic menu item, which was a $13 wagyu hamburger.

In future episodes, we started to highlight trendy chains, fast food chains, and indie chains.

I love when we get to film with the indie chains that chain foodies may or may not know about.

For example, we filmed with New York City indie chain Beyond Sushi, which is known for their vegetarian sushi.

Another fun indie chain we featured was Nacho Daddy in Las Vegas, which is known for its tequila scorpion shot.

We also filmed with the Ainsworth in New York City and created its 24-Karat-gold chicken wings! It’s literally chicken wings covered in gold. It was so cool.

Once travel restrictions are removed, we want to feature the international menu items that chain restaurants offer, as well as feature some international chain restaurants.

Our main goal is to entertain and educate chain foodies like myself who frequent chain restaurants, as well as foodies who may not be chain foodies. We hope after watching the show everyone will “Respect The Chain.”

Do you have any favorite interviews?

One of my favorite episodes was when we filmed with Krispy Kreme in Times Square. They have an exclusive doughnut called the Big Apple Doughnut that you can only get at that specific location. The doughnut is supposed to make you feel like you are at Coney Island, because it has the flavor of a candy apple. It was a lot of fun and who doesn’t love doughnuts?

Another favorite episode was when we filmed with BurgerFi. BurgerFi is known for its CEO Burger, and we were able to create the CEO burger, and then eat the CEO Burger with the BurgerFi CEO.

What’s your advice for someone who might like to do a video blog like yours?

My advice is to wear as many hats as possible. If someone is interested in creating a food series, they should know how to produce, write, edit, and host.

What has been the hardest part of starting or maintaining Respect The Chain?

I think the most challenging part is editing different versions of the same episode to fit different social media platforms.

Are you inspired by any other video bloggers?

Guy Fieri, Adam Richman, and Andrew Zimmern

You have an online show all about chain restaurants; do you have any favorite chains?

The Cheesecake Factory is my favorite. Whenever I go there, I get the brown bread and a side of blue cheese dressing to start. Then my go-to order is the classic hamburger, rare, with white rice. It’s the best!

I also have a soft spot for Planet Hollywood since as a kid my family would take me there for my birthday and we always ordered the Cap’N Crunch chicken fingers.