How to spot a writer who loves food

Writers are natural researchers. When we research and write about food, it makes us want to learn (eat) more.

Look at the size of that steak! I couldn't finish it, but I sure enjoyed trying.

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Since I was little, I've always enjoyed food. It didn't have to be fancy, either. It could be mom's spaghetti dinner or my grandma handing us cold hot dogs as a snack before we ran out to play. Nearly every memory I have involves food in some way.

I try to forget those times I had to sit at the dinner table and finish something I didn't like. Maybe the same thing happened to you? "You're going to sit there until your plate is empty." Ugh. Mine was water chestnuts. Dang those things were disgusting to a kid. I sat there all night staring at them. To this day, I avoid any and all foods with water chestnuts. Yuck!

It wasn't until I became a writer that I started trying a lot of different types of foods. When you start researching topics, the act naturally spills over into areas that you enjoy, which for me, was food. For example, if I was boiling an egg, I'd wonder, "How can I do this better?" So, I'd look it up, and I'd end up learning all kinds of things about eggs, such as how to boil them quicker, interesting new recipes and cool breakfast restaurants nearby.

Once I caught the travel bug, I started researching restaurants and regional foods that I could enjoy during trips to nearby and far off places. This opened a whole new world of possibilities. Once I experienced pan con tomate in Barcelona, high tea in London, and lobster rolls in Maine, I was excited to integrate the same foods into my home menus.

High tea inside a double decker bus in London. Yes, these were as delicious as they look!

Writers love to research food

When you start researching topics, the act naturally spills over into other areas that you enjoy, such as food.

Once I became a food writer, the wheels really came off the cart. Not only was I focusing my travel around food, but I was paying more attention to sustainable and organic foods, food labels and which foods, if any, I could find from local sources. As I researched, interviewed experts and wrote about food, I became more and more interested. A good 10 years of my life was spent writing about pizza as the editor of a pizza magazine. I can confidently say that I've eaten at well over 100 pizzerias--and loved every slice.

We visited five Detroit pizzerias in one day.

Free food all around

When my husband Benjy and I started a garden, watching one seed grow into a huge tomato vine or thriving cucumber plant was amazing to me. I felt like a kid again. Knowing that we were able to grow an entire salad in our backyard was beyond exciting!

Now, we live close to a lake and Benjy fishes regularly. We're able to eat catfish and bream on a regular basis. I call it "free food," because if we want fish, he just goes down to the lake and catches it. It still blows my mind.

I always catch the BIG ones when fishing with Benjy. LOL.

So many writers love to eat

According to Statista, there were more than 46,000 writers and authors working in the US in 2019. I'd wager to guess that a high percentage of those writers love to eat just as much as I do. In fact, I've been to plenty of writer events where all we talked about was food!

You can probably start to see where the inspiration for Eat Like a Writer began. Not only do I love to hear about how other people began and continue their writing careers, but it's super interesting to read favorite food and travel stories, tips and more.

So, how do you spot a writer who loves to eat? It's simple. Most of us do. Just ask a writer where they ate on their last vacation or why they enjoy their favorite restaurant. The level of their excitement will tell you all you need to know.

I hope you'll stick around and join the fun. Meanwhile, if you're a writer who loves food, don't be shy. Drop me a line at!


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