May Product Spotlight

What's a food and writing blog without some fun products, right?​

Each month we highlight products that food-loving writers are guaranteed to enjoy!


Spice Pods

Occo offers pre-measured micro portions of high-quality spices, sealed in airtight “forever fresh” spice pods, making cooking fresh, unique meals a snap!

The extra fun feature is that the spices are packaged to look like a set of cookbooks, each containing its own set of spices and a recipe. All spice pods are easily recyclable as well. 

FM - Called to Be Creative - Cover_r3 (1

Called to Be a Creative

Called to Be Creative: A Guide to Reigniting Your Creativity is for anyone looking to reignite that tiny spark inside of them and invite creativity into their lives through simple, everyday practices.


A certified grief counselor and a Program Coordinator for Shalom Spirituality Center, author Mary Potter Kenyon walks you step by step through the process of exploring your true potential in this inspirational guide to embracing your innate creativity. 

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Template Bundle

These freelance contract and letter of intent (LOI) templates and contracts include clear notes and direct advice that walk you through the process of customization and understanding.


Not only can you build your personality into the templates, you can create the contract that you need for each project, and change variables to match each gig.

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A Pocket Guide

to Sustainable

Food Shopping

A Pocket Guide to Sustainable Food Shopping is a no-B.S. guide to wasting less, decoding food labels and understanding sneaky industry practices.


You'll become more confident in your food sourcing behaviors and just might even feel a little bit more hopeful about the future of the planet.

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Before You Go


Before You Go Freelance private coaching helps you fast track your freelance success.


The 12-week program is tailor-made to your unique circumstances and guides you along your freelance journey.


Learn from a successful freelance writer who remembers what it was like to be new, understands the perks and pitfalls of self-employment, and believes wholeheartedly in your ability to go freelance.


Cooking with Monisha

Cooking With Monisha is one of the UK’s best known Indian cooking schools, run by Chef Monisha Bharadwaj, an award-winning author of 16 books.

Upon booking, students will receive recipes and detailed ingredient/equipment lists. There will be plenty of interesting stories about the history and provenance of the ingredients and dishes!

A Zoom link is sent prior to the class.

Macbeth cupcake liners.jpg

Macbeth Cupcake Liners

Channel your inner witch with these Macbeth cupcake liners.


The liners have an image of a cauldron on the bottom and a passage from Shakespeare's Macbeth on the side.

Contains 50 cupcake liners.

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