Eat Like a Writer connects writers with readers through the universal language of food.

See how writers feel about local food, cooking, restaurants, food travel and more.


Connecting writers

through the universal language of food.


About Eat Like a Writer

When creating Eat Like a Writer, I combined the three things I'm most interested in--writing, food, and what others do for a living. 

It's so interesting to learn the stories of other people. Why did they choose to quit their job and write freelance? What made them switch their major from accounting to English? When did they know they had a book inside them that needed to come out?

With Eat Like a Writer, we uncover the answers to these questions through the universal language of food. Writers spin tales of how it all began for them, while making us all hungry with their memories of mom's spaghetti and last winter's fresh-baked bread.

Thanks for visiting and reading their stories!


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Love and Hunger

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