5 Amazing Tools for Writers

Writers need useful tools in order to stay productive and efficient.

When you're on deadline with an article or have five blogs to write in a week, you want to feel confident that you're using your time wisely.

So, Eat Like a Writer reached out to fellow professionals to find out which tools help writers the most.

We had such a huge response, we'll be sharing the best of the best over several posts. Save or print this one, and keep your eye out for more!

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Try a new writing tool to help with your efficiency.


"My favorite tool for creating blog posts that are SEO rich is Frase," says Peter Head, content director at Japanoscope. "It takes a lot of the manual labor out of flicking back and forth through a bunch of different tools and tabs to look up what's popular on Google for a given phrase."

Head says that you can you can post a phrase into the Frase tool and it will analyze the top-ranking pages for the query on Google, setting up a document and a sidebar listing all of the keywords you should use, questions you should answer, and types of content you should focus on.

Frase even analyzes what you type as you go along. "It can also go through and retrospectively analyze an article you have already written so that you can “resurrect” any articles you have posted that don’t seem to be getting love in the SERPs," says Head. "Frase has become one of the tools in my arsenal that puts hours back into my busy writing schedule every day."

Google Alerts

Technology has made it possible to take writing to new levels and make it easier than ever, according to Harry Morton, founder of LowerStreet.

One of Morton's favorite tools, in addition to Grammarly and Copyscape, is Google Alerts.

"If you’re active in a certain field or you want to know when the brand you write about forgets a mention, you need to start by signing up for Google Alerts," says Morton. "This sends relevant, topical news stories straight to your inbox. Just make sure you have a dedicated folder for each alert so you can keep track of them and delete them as necessary."

Hemingway App

It doesn’t matter how many times you proof your own work, every good writer needs a great editor, according to Chris Nutbeen, founder and CEO of Nuttifox.

"The Hemingway online editor app is particularly handy for busy content writers on strict time schedules, which pretty much means all of us, all of the time," says Nutbeen. "Just copy and paste your text into the box on the Hemingway website and it will highlight common errors, complex

sentences, and words that can be swapped for more concise synonyms."

Nutbeen says that the Hemingway app will also stop you from overusing the passive voice and notify you about difficult-to-read passages.

Conversion AI

"Artificial Intelligence is a controversial topic in the writing world. However, I decided to bite the bullet three months ago and sign up for Conversion AI," says Niamh Jordan, editor-in-chief of whichwatchnext.com. "This is an artificial intelligence writing tool that I now use every day to help me get through writer's block."

Jordan warns that Conversion AI will not write the content for you. It will only help you write. "The tool acts acts as my little assistant that helps me finish a piece, giving me ideas for titles, intros, meta descriptions, product descriptions, etc.," she says. "It really has sped up my writing. I now write more in a day than ever before."

Answer the Public

"Simply type in a keyword and Answer The Public will tell you what people online are asking in relation to that keyword," says Nadia McDannels, founder of Which Diapers are The Best and Berry Abundant Life. "I use it to generate ideas for SEO-optimized blog articles. "I love this site; it’s perfect for inspiration, especially if you’re writing with SEO in mind."

According to Answer the Public, the tool "listens in to autocomplete data from search engines like Google, then quickly cranks out every useful phrase and question people are asking around your keyword."

Have you used any of these tools or have a favorite tool of your own? Tell us in the comments!