Meet Food Blogger Katie Crenshaw

Updated: Apr 15

Name: Katie Crenshaw

Location: Fayetteville, North Carolina

Years of Experience: Running her blog since 2015

Available for writing projects: Possibly

Niche/Beat/Genre: Recipes, Travel, Restaurant Reviews

Website/Blog: A Fork's Tale

Favorite food: Pizza, Chips, and Pickles

Writing tip for fellow writers: Be authentic.

woman in hat eating plate of food
Katie Crenshaw runs A Fork's Tale, her blog dedicated to adventurous eating.

Katie Crenshaw is a food blogger based in Fayetteville, North Carolina, where she runs A Fork's Tale, a blog dedicated to easy recipes, food photography, food travel and restaurant reviews. Katie's recipes have been featured in Parade, Women's Health, on MSN and more.

How did you get started?

I started writing when I began my food blog. In the beginning, food blogs were tied-in with your daily life. Readers wanted to not only see your recipe, but also know what was going on behind the scenes in your life.

Food blogging has changed significantly. Now, readers want the recipe, tips, and notes. They are not as interested in the narrative side. I'm actually more comfortable with the change. With an accounting and business background, my brain actually works better with formulas. The current way of blogging is a little easier for me because I know exactly what I need to address, similar to a formula.

However, I also write restaurant reviews, and in those write-ups, I sometimes add a more creative, narrative spin. Even more so when it's a “diners and dives” kind of place. Those little venues have history, character, and a deep relationship with the community around them. I want my readers to become compelled to join them at their table.

Tell us about your blog, A Fork's Tale.

My blog is for the modern busy cook. The cook who wants to eat well, but doesn’t have time for hours of food prep or bothering with 50 ingredients for one dish. My recipes are typically simple and easy.

What’s your advice for struggling new writers or bloggers?

Honestly, I am a horrible writer.