How Writers Eat Pizza

Since we're talking about how to "Eat Like a Writer," let's break it down a little further.

We've decided to dive deeper into individual food items, such as burgers, tacos, pizza, sushi, and more.

First up, pizza!

potato pizza
Neapolitan-style pizza like this one offers a chewy thin crust and gourmet toppings like the potato and bacon here.

Pizza is America's favorite food. How do I know? I wrote about pizza for more than 10 years as the editor of the nation's number one pizza industry publication. Every second, Americans consume more than 350 slices of pizza. You might be eating pizza right now!

It's hard to find a more universally loved, versatile, family-friendly, group-friendly, budget-friendly food than pizza.

So, how do writers, in general, like their pizza? We took a small survey to find out!

deep dish pizza
Getting hungry? While most writers surveyed prefer thin crust pizza, this Chicago deep dish sure looks tasty.

Pizza Crust

36% of writers surveyed prefer thin crust pizza, while 24% like Neapolitan-style and another 24% enjoy hand-tossed crust. Just 12% say they would choose thick crust.

Did you know that every region of the country has its own style of pizza? Michigan has Detroit-style, Missouri has St. Louis-style, Chicago boasts deep dish and tavern style, the list goes on and on.

What others pizza styles can you think of?

Pizza Toppings

Pepperoni may be America's favorite pizza topping, but the writers we surveyed prefer veggies. A full 82% of writers prefer vegetables over meat on their pizzas.

The least favorite toppings? You probably could have guessed it, but according to a recent survey, anchovies are a universally disliked pizza topping, along with broccoli, eggplant, artichokes, and pineapple.

Pizza Sauce

When choosing between marinara, alfredo, pesto or barbecue, writers overwhelmingly favor marinara sauce 72% of the time.

Why marinara? It's a delicious, simple sauce with little more than tomatoes, salt, and sometimes garlic and basil. Marinara allows all the other pizza topping flavors to shine through.

Pizza Frequency

While 24% of pizza-loving writers report eating pizza at least once per week, the majority of writers surveyed (48%) said that they eat pizza once per month.

Chain Pizzeria or Mom-and-Pop

With more than 75,000 pizzerias to choose from, 60% of writers purchase pizza from independently owned (mom-and-pop) pizzerias when they aren't making pizza themselves. 16% said that they order from a large or small pizza chain.

How do your pizza preferences match up with the results?

Share your opinion in the comments.