Meet Spanish/Catalan Writer, Speaker and Translator Nuria Ano

Updated: Jun 3

Name: Núria Añó

Location: Lleida, Catalonia, Spain

Years of Experience: 20+

Available for writing projects: yes

Niche/Beat/Genre: novel, biography, short story, literary essay, article

Portfolio website(s):

Other websites/blogs:

Books: Els nens de l’Elisa (2006), L’escriptora morta (2008), Núvols baixos (2009), La mirada del fill (2012), El salón de los artistas exiliados en California (2020). Some books were translated into English as The Dead Writer (novel), Lowering Clouds (novel) and The Salon of Exiled Artists in California (biography)

Favorite food: vegan food

Writing tip for fellow writers: The best food for writers is reading.

Woman with short brown hair
Núria Añó is a Catalan/Spanish writer, translator and speaker.

Núria Añó is a Catalan/Spanish writer, translator and speaker at international conferences, where she usually talks about literary creation, the cinema, cities or authors. Her work has been translated into multiple languages and centers around her characters’ psychology, often through the use of anti-heroes.

With an introspection, a reflection, not sentimental, but feminine, Núria covers a wide variety of topics in her novels, addressing important social and current themes like injustice or lack of communication between individuals. Her work often coaxes the reader to ask their own questions and discover deeper meaning for themselves.

How did you get started in writing?

I got started in writing when I was sixteen years old.

A teacher of literature requested the students to write a short story to improve their grade, but I remember only three people and me doing this.